Exciting New Features of QPay

person using credit card machine

Exciting New Features of QPay

I’d like to give a quick update on our QPay product that we released about 6 months ago. We’ve had a great response to this, and we continually see that almost every company we evaluate realizes some kind of savings through this program. Not all, but it’s safe to say that more than 95% of all accounts we’ve reviewed would or are saving money with QPay.

But there are tons of other benefits to QPay besides saving money. If you haven’t seen this introductory video to QPay, here’s a link.

In addition to the benefits shown in this video, we’re in the process of releasing three awesome new features!

Pay Now Request

With this feature, you can add a “Pay Now” button onto your company’s website, or send an email request with a button in it, that will allow your customers to put in their own payment information, after being redirected via the button to the payment website. It allows you, the dealer, to request a payment from customers. And it makes it super easy for them to pay, simply by clicking the button and filling out the payment fields. The dealer will automatically be notified, via an email, of any payments made.


This feature allows your customer to pay with their bank account (and routing number) rather than a credit card. This is all done with the QPay interface in QFloors, and these payments get automatically posted to your system, just like the credit card payments. eChecks also work with the Pay Now feature described above.


We’ve heard many customers complain about the fact that they have to pay for the credit card fees, especially when their customers are paying with expensive reward cards to rack up cashback rewards, travel points, etc. Surcharge is a new and legal way of allowing the flooring dealer to pass the credit card fees onto their customer. So if customers choose to use a credit card, it is they who will have to pay the fees, rather than the dealer. We have built this feature into QPay and QFloors, so that it is all integrated, as an option for companies wanting to implement Surcharges.

These features are currently in the latest pre-release version of QFloors, for those who wish to jump on it right away.

In addition, We’re continuing to add cool features and functionality around this new product, QPay. It’s exciting. And we’re looking forward to providing even more options in the future!