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A Message from Ron Cluff, QFloors Director of Training

If you didn't see our September 19th email, here are a couple of exciting features we released in QFloors version 7.0:

Warehouse Barcoding Features - You can now receive, move, pick, stage and transfer products with a wireless barcode scanner.  See our Knowledge Base Article and Video (make sure you are signed into support for the links to work).

Expanded Sales Order Line Comments - We have increased the number of characters that can be saved in the comment field of each line item of a sales order from 50 to 1,023.  To be able to utilize this feature effectively, you need to have QFloors High Performance along with QReporter so that the full comment can be printed correctly.  If you have QFloors Small Business and QReporter, the comments that display on the QReporter sales order are limited to 255 characters (an unavoidable technical limitation).  Sales orders printed from QFloors (not through QReporter) will still cut off at 50 characters as in the past.  Contact QFloors Support to obtain updated QReporter invoice reports.  If you have custom invoice reports and want them modified to display and print the expanded comments, contact QFloors Support.

(Please note that creating or modifying custom reports incurs a special services price of $120.00 per hour.)

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