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As Per Your Request…. Introducing Data Entry Services

Ask and ye shall receive! In our latest Basic Training Seminar, we were able to collect feedback from some of our newest customers. While listening, we received confirmation of something we had already been considering. We learned that getting up and running was sometimes a bit overwhelming, and we needed to help ease the upfront investment of time during the setup phase of onboarding. In answer to this call, we are now introducing Data Entry Services as part of our other professional services.

What are Data Entry Services?

Data Entry Services allows us to gather the information you have, whether you are switching to QFloors from another software, or from paper and pencil, and then input that information into QFloors for you.

Sometimes, new customers are daunted by the tasks involved in setting up their QFloors system. We sometimes hear of people hiring a temporary employee to do this setup. With this new option, QFloors can do all the data entry for you. Because we know the program front and back, we can input everything in a fraction of the time it would take a newbie. We realize that time is money, and our expertise and familiarity with the software will save you both.

Some people like to be more hands-on while setting up the system to match their unique business needs, and we agree that it can be very beneficial to take the bull by the horns and complete the setups through a couple of phone trainings. But for the rest of you, (and most particularly, those who are struggling), this service is perfectly designed to streamline the configuration process and allow you to begin using your software sooner.

Who can take advantage of Data Entry Services?

While the idea was born out of our New Customer Care emphasis, we found that long-time customers may also want to take advantage of our manpower. For example, how many of you are tired of duplicates in your product catalog? Data Entry Services will also clean up your product catalogs and even reimport B2B price lists or other (non-B2B) spreadsheet price lists.

How much does Data Entry Services cost?

Our cost for this service is an hourly rate of $60. You will be provided an estimated timeline and price previous to any agreement, so that you can make the best decision for your company.

For specific details about how Data Entry Services can benefit you, please contact our Customer Support Team ( or 801-563-0140, ext. 2).

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