Do You Have a Backup?

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Do you Have a Backup?

Consider all that is done each day on your computer. Now consider all the work each member of your team does in their day-to-day operations? Things just got big, didn’t they, and maybe a little overwhelming. Now that we squeezed that elephant into the room... How would you feel if you couldn't access the information stored in your QFloors software? Customer Information, Sales History, Orders, Stocked Materials, Payments, even your recorded bills. Here at QFloors, we want to remind you just how important backups are.

For just one minute, picture if something were to happen to your server computer that your QFloors is installed on. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it? The great thing is you can fix it. If something were to happen, worst case, you could buy a new computer and reinstall QFloors. But you are only as good as your last backup.

So that brings us to the next question: How often should you backup your computer? The answer to that question is simple...just how much data do you want to lose? One day, one week, a year, maybe all of it? We would recommend that you back up daily.

Disconnected backups are done daily for QCloud customers, but those who host their own data need to make sure backups are happening. Don't just rely on your IT or tech company to do the backups for you. It's great to use their service but as an extra layer of protection, you should test the backup. We even suggest that you have a "fire drill", and let us help test a backup with you. That way you can be sure that your backups are good and doing what they are designed to do.

You can also do a backup yourself and we will test it for you. Please be aware that we would highly recommend when doing your backups that they are being stored and/or moved somewhere off of your computer.

We recognize you are busy, and adding another responsibility as important as this can often feel a bit overwhelming. So if you don't want the burden of having to remember to make a daily backup, you can always have your IT person set up an automated backup for you. If you would like some guidance and assistance with how you can do this yourself, please give us a call and we can help direct you to the instructions for automated backups on our website. Be sure to check out our Webinar Automated Backups that can be found in your support login under Training Videos to help provide some great instruction and information just for you.