Do You Know About QConnect, and What It Can Do?

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Do You Know About QConnect, and What It Can Do?

Perhaps you’ve heard about our new product called QConnect, but you may be unsure about what exactly it is. This new product allows information to be sent from external sources into QFloors. The most popular uses for QConnect right now include taking external leads coming from websites, social media, or manufacturers’/buying groups’ lead generation programs, and transferring those leads into the QFloors leads and/or sales modules.

Adding to QFloors Leads CRM

Some of the industry’s digital marketing/website companies have integrated to the QFloors Leads window. Companies like Mobile Marketing, Velocity, FloorForce, and Creating Your Space can add the leads that they are collecting directly into the QFloors Leads/CRM window. And from there, customers can track their leads through QFloors until they become sales. We’ve also had a few other customers who have used their own internal web development resources to do the same thing. (These are people who have websites created by their own programmers.)

CRM Imports

Other dealers are using external CRMs (for example, Zoho or RLM), which provide the equivalent of the QFloors Leads Screen, and track their leads through that. But they want to start a sales order in QFloors without having to type all of the information back in. So QConnect will also allow you to transfer data from a CRM directly into QFloors and start a new proposal.

QFloors Contacts

Both of the methods described above also have a feature that will allow you to add the lead to the QFloors contact section as an option.

Additional Features Coming in the Near Future:

ECommerce and the QFloors Product Catalog

In the most recent pre-release version of QFloors, we have added some additional fields that will allow QFloors to create a more robust connection to e-commerce sites. The new fields are: Collection, Display Online, and Associated Product Pictures.

In the near future, customers will be able to select which products they want to display on their e-commerce websites from QFloors. So there will be one easy point of administration for what’s going to be displayed. It will allow for quick updates and more current information displayed. QFloors will also be able to give information about available local inventory quantities.

Mobile Marketing/Velocity and QFloors are actively working on another exciting new QConnect feature. (Although the same opportunities are available for any other company who wishes to connect with us through QConnect.) This feature will allow our dealers to print out QR codes for their samples in their showroom displays, for those who want customers to be able to look up a retail price and available quantity using their cell phones.

Mobile Marketing/Velocity and QFloors are also actively working on a connection between QFloors and the Velocity/Mobile Marketing e-commerce products.

Sign up for QConnect today.

QConnect offers a lot of cool capabilities that customers want. The cost is $600/yr to have a QConnect account, or it is free if you have an active QPro Pay account. For more information about QConnect, contact me (Chad) or our sales department.