All The (New) Things

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All The (New) Things

The past year brought a TON of new features and capabilities to QFloors software. Yet I’m often surprised at how few customers are aware of this.

We typically send Release Updates via email, and then there are the Release Notes on our support site. But emails can easily get missed. So here’s a list of some (not all - there are way too many) of the recent additions of the past year. (Note that all of these features are specifically for QFloors software. Our QPro programmers continue to make good strides on the QPro side of things as well.)

For more information on any of these additions and features, feel free to call our support department, review your “QFloors Release (number)” emails, or read through the Release Notes section on our support site.

  • Sales Order Split Lines
  • Assign costs coming from bills/credits screen directly to specific sales orders
  • Sales Order Header - required fields before saving an order
  • Enhanced Commercial Projects Summary Reports capabilities, search filters, and features
  • Additional Product information added to Product Search Window
  • Expanded auto reordering features and capabilities
  • QPay
    • Electronic Pay Now Request (via website or email)
    • eChecks/ACH
    • Surcharge options
    • Email receipts
    • Zip code verification
    • Token copy
  • Option for credit card fees included in job costing
  • Order status button for fcB2B orders that have been placed
  • Check/Uncheck highlights for contract labor, sales commissions, sales tax, and unbilled reports windows
  • Tax ID column to Vendor Accounts Setup, so you can see which vendors may be included in 1099 report
  • New search window on Employee/Subs screen
  • New status column for Employee/Subs list
  • SFTP for fcB2B
  • New ETA field and “save as default” pop-up for Finalize PO WIndow
  • New Search Window date features and “save selection” options
  • Freight Cost on sales order lines
  • Materials List check and uncheck selected highlighted items button
  • Finalize PO save checkbox
  • Sales Order Payments timestamps in description field
  • Change Log features
  • Project Management - delete project names
  • Specialized CARE rates for California dealers

So many cool new things, and more in the works! Again, let us know if you need us to walk you through anything on this list.

Also, to ensure you’re in the loop for important update information, please make sure that emails from are not hitting your spam folders. To do this, you can go into your email settings, and under the filters, choose “never send to spam” for any address with Here’s a link to how to do it with gmail. Secondly, make sure that the email address you gave us is one that is checked regularly. Otherwise, you may miss essential notices.