What is Web Services?

flooring data transfer from vendors

What is Web Services?

A QFloors user can get supplier information instantly without making a phone call or going to an external website, through fcB2B Web Services. The types of information currently instantly available (accessible 24/7) through web services are Inventory Levels and Related Items (which are accessories attached to a product like glues, trim pieces etc.). In our latest QFloors release, we added a new inventory request feature Check Vendor Stock that allows the user to ask if there is enough inventory to cover a job.

inventory request feature, check stock

Mohawk has recently jumped into the web services technology by implementing Check Vendor Stock and Related Items.

In the near future we will be adding 3 new services:

  1. Order Status - Check the status of an order directly from the QFloors Materials Screen.
  2. Price Check - Check the price of a product, and update the catalog with the new price if it has changed.
  3. Reservations- In the works, but still in the definition phase. This will allow you to reserve inventory ahead of time and use the reservation when you place the actual order.

At times we come across customers who are not aware of Web Services and how it could be a benefit to them. It's possible that vendors you currently work with have credentials already set up to use their Web Services. To get started with Web Services, simply contact your fcB2B supplier and tell them that you would like to open a web service account. At QFloors, we have online documentation, training videos and support resources that can assist in getting better acquainted with this feature.

Suppliers that are currently supporting some portion of web services are the following: Shaw, Engineered Floors, Mohawk, Adleta, BPI, Buckwold Western, Herregan, Jaeckle, JJ Haines, Louisville Tile, Ohio Valley Flooring and William M. Bird, with many more suppliers preparing to launch.

Taking advantage of Web Services can help save time, lower stress and boost profits. Let us know if we can help you get started.