From the Desk of Chad Ogden

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QPro and QFloors Development

A question we are often asked is for a status update on QPro and QFloors development. Did you know we have two separate development teams, working on QPro and QFloors?

Continuing our development of QPro is still a huge focus, and as such, it has the largest team of programmers working on it. As most of you know, QPro is released and we have people using it, but its features are still limited, when compared to QFloors. We have recently added even more programmers and another tester to our QPro team. Things are moving at a much faster pace and we feel good about the team we have in place.

We also recognized we need to continue to add enhancements to our QFloors program, and so we have a different team of programmers working on QFloors. Recent focuses for them have been the database upgrades, QLeads, QPay integrations, and a host of other improvements.

We continue to invest a lot of resources and energy into developing the very best software products for you.