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Unveiling the Latest fcB2B's Updates

Todd Smith

By Todd Smith, B2B Manager

December 2023

At QFloors, we are part of the fcB2B organization, an industry association comprising of manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, distributors, and software vendors.

Each year, we attend an annual fcB2B conference where we discuss industry standards, future projects, and ways to improve the industry. We attended this meeting last September in Nashville, and were reminded of the incredible benefits and value that come from fcB2B features.

The following are two quotes featured on fcB2B's website that explain the benefits of utilizing B2B technology in your business:

  • ... fcB2B technology is designed to add value and provide efficiencies to every segment of the marketplace
  • Flooring Industry companies, from contractors to manufacturers, all benefit when they are using software that utilizes fcB2B standards. Large, medium, and small businesses will all realize increased efficiency, higher productivity, and real-time cost benefits utilizing fcB2B technologies.

On our website, we have a list of vendors who are currently B2B certified with QFloors. You can click on each vendor to see additional information on how to communicate with them, and current fcB2B documents that are certified.

See the full fcB2B list here.

Here is a list of the most recent vendors to be certified and/or setup for SFTP protocol:

The following vendors are in the pre-certification stage with QFloors:

  • 21st Century Tile
  • RW Supply
  • Midwest Floor Covering in SLC
  • Cain and Bultman, Inc.
  • Arley Wholesale
  • Conestoga Ceramic Tile

Important Note: B2B Product Type Codes

The fcB2B committee continues to make changes to better improve the B2B/Web Services process. Recently, fcB2B added new product types for hard surface vinyl materials.

Please understand the fcB2B committee makes changes to the approved B2B Product Type Code list frequently. This means you may need to make changes in QFloors to reflect the proper code for hard surface vinyl materials being sold. When downloading a hard surface vinyl price list, a new B2B product type will need to be created. Please consider updating the Product Type list in your QFloors Product Catalog.

The following link provides additional information on how to set up or update product types in QFloors: “Recognized Product Types (B2B Standard).”

Don't miss out on all the tremendous benefits of B2B. Here at QFloors, we are ready to help you through implementation, one step at a time. Please contact us and we can help you get set up, or answer any questions you might have.

Todd Smith

About the Author

Todd Smith - B2B Manager

Todd has extensive technical knowledge with 30+ years of technical service and customer service and management in the business world. Todd's broad skill set helps him assist customers in their tech needs for QFloors. Todd brings his valuable expertise and a kind, caring attitude to the QFloors support team.