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QFloors Partnerships Empower Dealers

Aerin Ogden

By Aerin Ogden, Marketing Director

December 2023

As many of you know, we had our users conference earlier this month at Zion National Park. While its primary purpose is to help QFloors customers train and collaborate with one another, it also provides the opportunity for attendees to interact with QFloors leadership and partners.

This year, we were excited to have a number of partners join us at our conference. Because of these partnerships, QFloors can offer customers additional integrations, tools, resources, and services. During the users conference, our partners stuck close to the conference theme and presented ideas that could help attendees further “Explore New Horizons”:


Kaye Whitner, Director of Operations for FCEF (Floor Covering Education Foundation) , talked to attendees about the installation crisis that's been going on in the industry, and how the FCEF is developing programs to improve training opportunities for installers.

The FCEF's mission is to raise awareness about opportunities in the flooring industry, attract fresh talent, support students financially in their education, and assist in placing individuals into careers within the flooring industry. We at QFloors support the FCEF and their noteworthy goals in combating current labor shortages.

Mobile Marketing

Dave Geipel, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Mobile Marketing spoke about how MM's marketing tools and services enable flooring dealers to effectively get their message out to the right audiences. Over the last few years, QFloors has been a technological partner with Mobile Marketing. With QFloors' QConnect technology, customers can now share lead information between the two programs.


QFloors was also pleased to have Roomvo's Pawel Rajszel (CEO), and Brandon Shidlowski (Sr. Director of Strategy) at the conference. Pawel presented on how carpet and flooring dealers can leverage room visualization to boost product engagement and accelerate sales.

Recently, QFloors announced that there is now a new QConnect integration with Roomvo websites. Those who use Roomvo's website services can now freely share and download lead information into QFloors software. This prevents customers from having to manually input website leads into QFloors, and allows them to better understand the ROI of their website traffic.

During the conference, there was also a lot of talk about how QFloors and its technology partners could work together to utilize QR codes so customers can automatically update their product information in their showroom and/or on their website. QFloors development will continue to explore this avenue to determine the best steps moving forward.

Shaw Flooring Network (SFN)

Last but definitely not least, we were honored to have some representatives from the Shaw Flooring Network at some of our meetings. Danny Crutchfield, SFN Vice President, was the keynote speaker at the conference, and gave a meaningful message to all those who attended. His message, titled: “Head or Heart? Which One Drives Your Success?” gave dealers ideas and insights on what they could do to improve themselves as well as their businesses in 2023.

We're so grateful for our partnership with the Shaw Flooring Network, and for the special care and attention that they give to their dealers. QFloors is dedicated to working with the SFN to ensure the best technology products and services are available to those in the industry.

We thank all of these organizations and all our other partners for supporting our customers. We're excited to see what the future holds!

Aerin Ogden

About the Author

Aerin Ogden - Director of Marketing

Aerin graduated with a B.A. degree in Communications (Advertising) and a Design minor from Brigham Young University. She's the daughter of QFloors' CEO Chad Ogden and former Director of Marketing Chris Ogden, and has spent most of her lifetime around flooring and QFloors. Aerin previously worked for a digital marketing agency, and her schooling and career have helped her develop prominent skills in both digital and traditional marketing.