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5 Crucial Steps to Onboarding a New Retail Sales Rep

Colten Gines

By Colten Gines, Director of Sales

August 2023
McKay Ashby

First, Some News:

We are happy to introduce McKay Ashby, as our new Customer Success Representative. McKay has been an integral part of our company for more than a year, and initially joined our Support and New Customer Care team. He's excited for this new role, and is ready to use his expertise to enhance your business.

As a Customer Success Representative, he'll guide you in implementing the specific tools and services we have designed for your success. McKay's skills have proven to align perfectly with this opportunity, and we eagerly anticipate his fruitful engagement with all of you.

Hiring is an excellent chance to infuse fresh perspectives and talents into your teams, but it can be risky — especially in the sales domain. For a retail flooring business, bringing on a new sales representative requires a significant amount of investment and proper onboarding to ensure their success. In this article, we'll explore 5 steps you can take to effectively onboard a new retail flooring sales rep.

5 Essential Steps to Onboarding a New Flooring Sales Rep

Step 1: Provide a Clear Job Description and Expectations

The retail flooring industry is unique, with many different types of flooring products and services available. Therefore, it's crucial to provide a clear job description that outlines your business's specific expectations and requirements for the new sales rep. This description should include the types of products and services that your business offers, the specific sales goals and targets, and the expectations regarding customer service.

Step 2: Thoroughly Train Them on Your Products and Services

As a retail flooring sales rep, understanding the features and benefits of the products and services that you offer is crucial. The onboarding process should include comprehensive training on the various types of flooring products, their installation process, and any relevant warranties. Additionally, training should include how to measure and price flooring products, as well as how to manage customer expectations during the sales process.

Step 3: Take The Time to Introduce Them to All of Your Team

The retail flooring industry is also unique in that it involves a lot of teamwork between sales reps, project managers, installers, and administrative staff. As such, it is essential to introduce the new sales rep to everyone during the onboarding process. This will help them build relationships with colleagues and understand the roles and responsibilities of each team member. To ensure success, they should be clear on what their new role is and how it relates and impacts everyone else.

Step 4: Provide Them with the Right Sales Tools and Resources

To sell effectively in the retail flooring industry, a new sales rep must have access to various sales tools and resources. These may include product and installation guides, and pricing resources. Additionally, the new sales rep should be provided with access to your business's CRM system, estimation program, and ERP software to help them manage leads, prospects, customer data, and project workflow. Unbiased plug here, the better your team can learn and apply the features in your software system, the more efficient your business will be.

Step 5: Provide Positive, Ongoing Support and Coaching

The landscape of the flooring industry is ever-changing, marked by the continuous emergence of new products, innovative installation techniques, and evolving customer preferences. Therefore, it is essential to provide ongoing support and positive coaching to your new sales rep. This may include regular check-ins to provide feedback and training on new products or installation methods as they become available.

Effectively onboarding a new retail flooring sales representative is essential for their success in the industry. By following the above steps, you can ensure that your new hire is well-prepared, well-supported, and ready to succeed in their role. As they progress and gain experience, your company offering will reach new heights.

Colten Gines

About the Author

Colten Gines - Director of Sales

Colten has deep roots in the flooring industry. His experience in sales and management provide a sound foundation for his role as a support consultant. Colten's enthusiasm for successful business operations and efficient system implementation match the unique advantage produced by QFloors software.