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Pieces Per Carton, Sq Yd Default and Classic Color Scheme

Ron Cluff

By Ron Cluff, Director of Training

July 2019

Pieces Per Carton - We added a new Pieces Per Carton field in both the style and color setup windows in the Product Catalog. The first time you enter a quantity on a sale line for a boxed hard surface item, QFloors will round up to an even number of cartons (this has been and will continue to be the default). The second time you enter a quantity on that same line, QFloors will round up to boxes and an even number of pieces (if Pieces Per Carton is greater than 0 in the Catalog for the style/color). The third time you type in a quantity on that same line, QFloors will keep that quantity and not round it. This only works when you are initially creating the line of the sale. After the line has been created and you start creating another line, or you save the sales order and come back to this line, you would have to clear the line and re-select the style/color for these features to work.

Also, if Pieces Per Carton is defined in the Product Catalog, the QFloors work order will print the number of boxes and number of pieces. Pieces is preceded by a caret ^ symbol.

Sq Yd Default for B2B Price List Importing - We added a "Sq Yd Default" checkbox at the left side of the Product Catalog. If this is checked, the "Use Sq Yd" option in the Finalize Matches window will always be checked for you when you are importing a price list through B2B, and when importing a CSV price list file.

Classic Color Scheme - QFloors release 8.000 included a new color scheme for the program. If you don't find the new colors appealing, you can switch back to the classic color scheme. Click File > Preferences > Employee Preferences, then check the Colors - Classic Style option. This setting is per computer (or QCloud session), not per employee; in other words, if two people share a computer and one of them changes the color scheme, the other person will have the same color scheme when they login to QFloors at that computer.

Ron Cluff

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Ron Cluff - Director of Training

Ron's careful attention to detail coupled with 15 years of working with QFloors ensures that software support and training is comprehensive and effective.