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20 Years of Easy-to-Use Flooring Software

Chad Ogden

By Chad Ogden, CEO

July 2019

QFloors is coming up on its 20th year anniversary. November 1999 was the date in which we officially incorporated. I started programming QFloors in May of 1999, locking myself away in my basement for almost 9 solid months. Many times, I would emerge from my dungeon, having completely lost track of time. My wife would often complain of the multiple days that had gone by without my body seeing a shower. She remembers those times fondly.

In order for us to continue to grow, while at the same time continue to give you the very best experience, we have put many employees, policies and procedures in place to better serve you. One of those procedures involves directing your questions to our support department, either through a phone call or email. The phone number is 801-563-0140 (option 2), or email When you contact this department, you will be directed to a live person that can either answer your question within minutes, or they will direct you to someone that can better service you. Around 60% of all incoming questions are answered by the first person that you talk to. If you are transferred, the next group of employees can usually answer your more complicated questions. It is rare that they can't answer or find the answer. If our employee determines that your question is going to take longer than 15 minutes to answer, they will either ask to call you back, or make an appointment. If the question goes past the initial phone call, you should receive a ticket number about the situation, for quick reference.

If, after you have gone through these procedures and have not received satisfaction, you can ask to speak with a Manager. You can imagine the bottleneck if every time someone called, they were demanding to speak to the manager right away. It’s also problematic when we get phone calls asking to speak to a specific person (like Ron or Trent). We just can't do that anymore or no one will be serviced.

Lastly, if you go through all of these channels and still feel that you have not been serviced correctly and that we have not satisfactorily answered your question, you can email me directly at and include the support ticket number if possible. I want to know if we have dropped a ball or mishandled an issue, so we can get it fixed. My worst fear is that we are doing something wrong and not knowing about it.

We love our customers and are so grateful for everything you have done for us. You often sell our product for us. You are wonderful, and we want to continue to make sure we provide the very best service for you! We want to personally meet and talk with you, so come to our Users Conference and you can get to know us personally. Ron, Trent and Chad will all be there.

Thank you again for everything. Here’s to another 20 years.

Chad Ogden

About the Author

Chad Ogden - CEO

Chad graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. After rising to Director of Engineering/Software Development & nearly a decade of work experience including time with 3M & Novell, Chad took on the role of entrepreneur when he saw the need for business management software in the floor covering industry.