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Making a Call to QFloors Support?

Chad Ogden

By Kristy Soto, Director of Customer Support

April 2019

Do you have questions about your software? Do you need some help? The QFloors support team is here to be your partner, and help you succeed. Over the years QFloors has seen tremendous customer growth, making us an industry leader.  A true leader has a responsibility to provide direction and assistance when needed. So we have made some changes that many of you may have noticed to better serve you. These changes are intended to make your experience with our support team that much better. Some of the changes are detailed below.

  1. Your time is valuable, and spending too much time on hold takes you away from your business.  Because we recognize this, we have added to our support team. You may recognize a few new names and voices when calling in. They are being trained, and as we are sure you are aware, QFloors is a very deep and complex system, so please be patient with them and us as we continue to grow to better serve you.

  2. The process has changed a little bit as well, as you may have noticed.  When calling in, after you have selected Option 2 (Training and Technical Support), you will reach a live voice, not a recording or machine. Someone who cares about your call and wants to help.  We want to be certain to have that human touch and interaction with you. As amazing as technology has become, personal interaction and growth is key to caring for our customers the way they deserve and becoming a partner in your business.

  3. When your call is answered, the process begins.  There are three things we want to know when you are calling in: a) Your Name; b) Your Company; c) Reason for the call. Please understand the team member answering your call is the first touch and wants to recognize and understand the reason for your call.  We have multiple departments, and they want to understand your needs and transfer you to the proper department. This is to help save you and us time.

  4. Because we want to save you time and get you back to what you need to do as quickly as possible, we will be transitioning away from ShowMyPC. Over the years you have been asked to provide a ShowMyPC number, and we have been able to gain permissions to your screen.  Many of you have been great at being prepared with this number when you call in. We want you to be just as prepared, but with a new method. We are transitioning to ZOHO Assist.  It is quick and painless and allows us the ability to have better connections, accessibility, and speed to make sure your needs are met. The process to get us connected to your screen is simple.  Prior to calling in, open up a new browser tab on your internet and type in When you bring this up, it will ask for a Session ID#. Just hold that screen open and when we connect with you, you will be provided with that number so our experienced team member can gain access to help you with what you need.

Our hope is that you will understand we think about you.  We care about your business. This new process has lowered wait times, increased customer success, and for many of our new customers, has quickened implementation time. Thank you for being part of the QFloors family, and we look forward to providing continued professional support from our team here at QFloors Customer Support!

Kristy Hayek

About the Author

Kristy Soto - Director of Customer Support

Kristy brings previous experience in retail management and bookkeeping as well as a degree in Business Management and Accounting. This has given her a very strong accounting background. She is very bright and has become an essential team member.