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When to Install a QFloors Update and How To Use Hold Status

Ron Cluff

By Ron Cluff, Director of Training

October 2018

If you’re checking the Release Notes and Updates on our website and notice a new release, you might want to wait a few weeks to install it. When we release an update, we are fixing bugs, or making changes to existing features, or adding brand new features, but we’re often still in testing. So unless you absolutely need the bug fix or the feature that was released, we recommend that you wait 3-4 weeks before installing an update, even though it’s available for download on our website. When we send an email announcing to all of our customers a particular release, then you’re free to install it at any time without waiting.

Hold Status

Normally, you should skip the status field on lines of sales orders and let the software manage that field for you. But one of the times when you’ll manually select a status is when you want to prevent the line from appearing in the Sales Confirmation list, and you’ll do that by selecting the Hold status. By not appearing in the Sales Confirmation list, the sale line won’t get materials created/assigned until you’re ready for that to happen, and at that point, you’ll manually change the status on the sale line to Order. Your purchasing agent can see a list of line items that have a Hold status by checking the Hold checkbox at the bottom of the Sales Confirmation list.

Your purchasing agent can also select a Hold status on a specific material that has been created so that it no longer appears in the Purchase Orders list, and therefore doesn’t get ordered. They can see a list of materials that have a hold status by checking the Hold checkbox at the bottom of the Purchase Orders list.

Ron Cluff

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