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Upcoming Trainings Offered

Chris Ogden

By Chris Ogden, Director of Marketing

July 2018

You asked for additional trainings, and we delivered! Are you aware of the upcoming opportunities?

In addition to our individual onsite trainings and online/telephone trainings offered, QFloors holds groupBasic and Intermediate trainings regularly.

Basic Trainings are 2-day, intensive trainings for beginners, held near the QFloors corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are free to all new and current QFloors customers (travel expenses excluded). Curriculum is very hands-on and covers the basics of setting up your QFloors software and using it day- to-day. Basic Trainings are held every other month.

Intermediate Trainings are generally one day, 9-5 pm, with an hour break for lunch. They are held several times per year in different areas of the country. Intermediate Trainings are $100 per attendee, if you are current on your maintenance plan. (If you are not, call us for pricing.) We have several intermediate trainings scheduled through 2018 (see below).

As a reminder, Intermediate trainings are geared towards those who are already familiar with using QFloors. Topics typically include new features, products, and capabilities, as well as cool things QFloors can do that you might not know about, and practical instruction for getting the most out of your QFloors system.

Remaining 2018 QFloors Training Classes

August 7 | 1-day Intermediate Training - Chicago Illinois

August 16-17 | 2-day Basic Training - Salt Lake City, UT

September 14 | 1-day Intermediate Training - Dallas, TX

October 11-12 | 2-day Basic Training - Salt Lake City, UT

December 6 | 1/2 day Intermediate Training - Kissimmee, FL Details TBA

December 6-7 | 2-day Basic Training - Salt Lake City, UT

January 21, 2019* | *date tentative - 1-day Intermediate Training - Las Vegas, NV

Chris Ogden

About the Author

Chris Ogden - Director of Marketing

Chris has been involved with QFloors from the onset. With over 25 years experience in advertising, Chris has successfully communicated QFloors vision and value to dealers. She oversees all advertising, branding, and public relations efforts for the company.