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QFloors Updates

Ted Schultz

By Ted Schultz, Director of Sales

July 2018

As you are all aware, we have been working very hard on QPro and we are excited about the progress that is being made with it. But you might want to know that some great improvements have also been added to your QFloors software. Here is a list of the updates that have already been added to QFloors this year.

  1. Weight by Unit – We have added to Product Catalog and CSV Product Catalog import a field for weight by unit. This can be used to calculate Bill of Lading.
  2. B2B Wizard - Simplified wizard process.
  3. B2B Settings Log – We have created a new log file that saves the settings that have been selected when a user finalizes a B2B import.
  4. CSV Import Date – A Catalog Date on Product Catalog Window will show 01/01/2000 if a csv file was used to do the update or the import.
  5. Commercial Projects / Project Management – After talking with several of our customers that do a lot of commercial work, we have made several Important enhancements to the commercial features of QFloors. Training videos for these features have been placed on our website under the support/login tab.
  6. Email Purchase Orders – If you are using QReporter, you can now email POs much like you can email an invoice in the sales screen.
  7. QReporter Enhancements - In the Support/Login tab at, you can log in and go to the QReporter Library. There is a growing list of QReporter reports, which includes many different looks and styles for your invoices. You can preview them and if you find one that suits you, you can download it for free. Take a look at what is there, if you are a QReporter user.
Ted Schultz

About the Author

Ted Schultz - Director of Sales

Ted graduated from BYU with a BS in Industrial Education. His experience within the flooring industry ranges from installation to a flooring store owner. Also, Ted has six years in the financial services industry and six years as an owner of a software business specific to real estate appraisal. He understands the needs of business owners and how QFloors can help owners maximize profits.