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Upcoming Customer Forum Portal

Chad Ogden

By Dallin Hulet, Digital Marketing Manager

July 2018

Many of you have asked for a forum where QFloors customers can interact with one another -- asking questions, sharing ideas, exchanging tips, etc. We've seen, through customer interaction at our Users Conferences and trainings, how valuable idea-sharing between dealers can be. We have spent quite a bit of time looking into doing this in many different ways (private social media groups, a website chat room, special forum sites, etc.) We think we've finally found the best solution. Look for this new private customer forum coming out before the end of the year.

Dallin Hulet

About the Author

Dallin Hulet - Digital Marketing Manager

Dallin recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Business Management, and an emphasis in Marketing. Dallin is originally from Texas and is excited to be involved with a company that is making a difference and taking the industry by storm. He brings digital marketing savvy and a strong, results–oriented marketing focus to the QFloors team.