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The Parable of the Puzzle – Encouragement for New Customers

Chad Ogden

By Ted Schultz, Director of Sales

April 2018

When you open a box for a new jigsaw puzzle, where do you start? Usually with the borders. Then you start to look for colors and objects to try to fit them where they belong. Sometimes you might initially think the blue is sky, when it is actually water, or maybe a part of a blue building.  When it seems difficult, you don’t throw it away, you trust the manufacturer …… it will eventually all come together to form a complete picture.

Learning a new software program can be similar. You can start with parts that are familiar and work your way into the heart of it, but when it seems difficult, you don’t throw it out. Instead, you trust the manufacturer, that it will soon come together and make perfect sense.

We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” That is certainly true. However, someone who has skinned a cat thousands of times might recognize the quickest, most efficient, and most painless way to do so.  As you come up to speed, you may find that QFloors accomplishes a task in a different way than you used to do it. Please trust us when we assure you that QFloors has been carefully and painstakingly designed to help you do things in the optimal and most correct way for the unique requirements of the floor covering industry. More than 20 years of research, deliberation, and listening to wise customers’ insights and suggestions, has resulted in a system that offers the best, most accurate and efficient way to run your flooring business.

So, if you get stumped with a piece of the puzzle, or feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to call our support team (801-563-0140, option 2). Supporting you is what they do best.

Ted Schultz

About the Author

Ted Schultz - Director of Sales

Ted graduated from BYU with a BS in Industrial Education. His experience within the flooring industry ranges from installation to a flooring store owner. Also, Ted has six years in the financial services industry and six years as an owner of a software business specific to real estate appraisal. He understands the needs of business owners and how QFloors can help owners maximize profits.