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A Message from Ted Schultz, QFloors National Sales Manager

Ted Schultz

By Ted Schultz, National Sales Manager

October 2017

There is a story about a very hard-working lumberjack who could cut 15 large trees each day with just an axe. One day a salesman called on him to sell him a chainsaw. He told him that he could cut down 30 trees a day with this new technology. So the lumberjack bought the chainsaw. He worked as hard as he could for 3 weeks and finally went back to the salesman and told him that the saw was no better than his axe. The salesman said “let me take a look at your saw.” He pulled back on the starter chord and the saw fired up. The lumberjack jumped back in surprise said “wait a minute, what is that noise?”

I’m not sure how the lumberjack was able to cut down a single tree, let alone 15, with a saw that he never even tried to start. But many of us are like the lumberjack with our tools.  QFloors, when used properly, will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. It will help you to grow your business and be more profitable. It will give you more time for whatever you want to do with that time.

We have had many conversations with our partners in an effort to stay in touch. We are finding users that are not getting the full value or usage of the software that they have invested in. Each case is unique in what they are missing, but in every case they could be much more efficient and that always adds up to money saved and/or greater profits.

You have invested in a very valuable tool and you should get the most out of it. Recently we have added some more training videos for your learning. Our Basic Training videos have been broken down into smaller bites with specific topics so you can get what you need with significantly less effort. We encourage you to take advantage of these training videos. You might want to just spend an hour a week looking at one of these and see if there is something in there that you can implement that will make life better for your business.

We also have a relatively new training for those who require a more intense training time over the phone than our regular training. We call this a “virtual on-site” training. These sessions can be booked in ½ day (4 hour) increments and the cost is $800/day or $400 for a half day. We also have the ability to come visit you at your location. You will need to contact your sales rep for a quote on that. 

All of these tools would be considered a good insurance policy to be sure you are getting the most from your investment. Be sure you know what you can do with the software and also be sure that every member of your staff is using it efficiently.

Ted Schultz

About the Author

Ted Schultz - National Sales Manager

Ted graduated from BYU with a BS in Industrial Education. His experience within the flooring industry ranges from installation to a flooring store owner. Also, Ted has six years in the financial services industry and six years as an owner of a software business specific to real estate appraisal. He understands the needs of business owners and how QFloors can help owners maximize profits.