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Prime Rib or Soda Crackers? Maximize Your Software Investment.

Chris Ogden

By Chris Ogden, Director of Marketing

July 2017

A story is told of a man whose lifelong dream was to board a cruise ship and see the sights of the Mediterranean. He saved every penny, and eventually had enough for his passage. Because money was so tight, he brought an extra suitcase filled with cans of beans, boxes of crackers, and bags of powdered lemonade, and that is what he lived on every day. He envied passengers taking part of the many activities offered on the ship, and his mouth watered when he saw the incredible feasts that were served, but money was so tight, he didn’t feel he could afford any of those things. It was only on the last day of the cruise that the man learned that almost everything on board the cruise ship – the food, the entertainment, the activities – had been included in the price of his ticket!1

As a QFloors customer, are you taking advantage of every benefit it can bring? We occasionally see customers who have, allegorically, paid for their cruise but are eating crackers in their stateroom. Typically, this is because 1) they are not aware of all the ways their QFloors system can help them; or 2) they do not know how to access and use all its capabilities.

Here are 2 ways you can ensure you are maximizing the value of your investment:

  1. Stay on top of updates.
  2. If you are a new or current QFloors customer, you receive software updates free of charge.  There are usually 3-4 updates each year. These typically include new features, shortcuts, and capabilities. You are notified of updates via email.  So if the email slips through the cracks, or you’re too busy to read it, you miss out.

    For example, just a few weeks ago, we sent an email about an update. Among other things, this update allows you to private label both styles and colors in the product catalog, as well as a handful of other cool new features.  If you are missing the emails, you might want to consider adding another employee’s email to our send list to make sure they are received.  If you don’t understand something you read in the email, or if you are confused as to how to update your system, please contact us.

  3. Participate in trainings.
  4. QFloors trainings not only provide instruction on how to do various tasks in the software… they are also invaluable opportunities to see how other dealers, like you, are using the system. It opens your eyes to possibilities of new ways to use the software. It helps you understand and apply wise business and financial practices to running your operation, and shows you how QFloors can be the tool to easily facilitate those game-changing practices.  

    We can’t count the times we have heard from an expert QFloors user, at the conclusion of a Users Conference, “I didn’t know QFloors could do that!” That’s the power of networking with other QFloors customers.

    After observing our Users Conference last year, an influential industry leader pulled us aside and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The cooperation, collaboration, and overall positive vibe of this training is remarkable.”

    The owners of QFloors determined long ago that trainings would not be a profit center for the company. Chad and Trent want to encourage every single customer to learn as much as possible about their system and how it can best help their unique operation. As a result, trainings are reasonably priced to simply cover our costs.

    There are many different training options available.

For Beginners

On-Site Trainings

Free 2-Day Basic Trainings

Free Online training videos and other resources

You can also schedule specific trainings (by topic, screen, etc.) with our support department.

For Intermediate/Advanced

1-Day Intermediate Trainings

Users Conferences

Refresher Trainings (scheduled with support department, or through virtual on-site training, or via online training resources)

Contact us for more information on any of these options. It’s time to feast on all QFloors can do for you.

1Uchtdorf, “Your Potential, Your Privilege” 2011

Chris Ogden

About the Author

Chris Ogden - Director of Marketing

Chris has been involved with QFloors from the onset. With over 25 years experience in advertising, Chris has successfully communicated QFloors vision and value to dealers. She oversees all advertising, branding, and public relations efforts for the company.