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A Message from Ron Cluff, QFloors Director of Training

June 2016

By Ron Cluff, Director of Training

June 2016

A feature in QFloors that can be very helpful is Advanced Find. You already use the search fields at the bottom left of each screen to find transactions. After you do that, you may search within those results by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you press the letter F key (Ctrl + F). In the window that opens, you will enter your search parameters to find particular transactions that are somewhere in the current list.

For example: I want to find the invoice I created for Bob's Construction that has a a line comment of "Steps are not equal rise/run". I could first search using the search fields at the bottom left to bring up all invoices for Bob's Construction for all dates. Then I would do Ctrl + F on my keyboard. In the Find Items in Current List window that opens, I would select the Search Invoice Lines option, then I could also change the parameters from "All" to "Comments" to search only the Comments fields of the lines instead of searching all fields of the lines. Then I would type in not equal and click the OK button.

Notice that the search in this window is not linear, meaning that you don't have to type in the very first part of the text for which you are searching. I searched for not equal instead of searching for steps are not equal.

Please email us or call us if you have any questions.

Ron Cluff

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Ron Cluff - Director of Training

Ron's careful attention to detail coupled with 15 years of working with QFloors ensures that software support and training is comprehensive and effective.