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Ted Schultz

By Ted Schultz, National Sales Manager

April 2016

QReporter: $699 - This is a very useful tool that allows you to generate custom reports, including invoices. One of the big reasons that people use this is to be able to email invoices with one click. One click will convert the invoice to a pdf file and place the email address from the invoice in it, then allow you to make a comment with it before you hit Send.

QSched: $699 Basic and $1,499 Advanced - This program integrates with QFloors. Simply click and drag invoices from the list to the calendar, and then select the lines of the invoice that you want taken care of. Job schedules can be changed anytime, simply by clicking on them and sliding them to a new date. Basic is a 3-user license and Advanced is a 5-user license. Advanced also has more features than Basic, one of which is being able to customize the color schemes of your calendar and jobs.

Document Manager: $499 – A very useful tool to eliminate the mounds of paperwork stored in boxes around your workplace. With this program you can attach any digital file to the order/invoice. This would include floor plans, spread sheets, word documents and photos. You won’t need to remember the name of the files or where you stored them. Just find your invoice, click on Documents and then click on the document that you want. It will find the file and open it in the appropriate program.

QOrders: $100/mo – This is a very useful tool if you are working with property managers. They will love being able to go to your website and order a job for any of their units in a matter of 4 or 5 minutes and be done. They can come back and check the status of any of their orders done through QOrders. On your end you have an invoice created automatically for you and the only thing you will need to do is confirm the requested installation date.

QLeads: $50/mo. – This program allows you to set up your website to automatically import your new leads from your website directly into your CRM program.

Measure Square: $49/mo., $149/mo. or $179/mo. - Measure Square in not owned by QFloors but it is integrated with QFloors software so that you can create your drawings and have them calculate the material needed for the job. Once you have completed your estimate, it will import the data to QFloors, creating the individual lines on your invoice. These lines will be generic and the only thing left for you to do is select the style and color for the material. Depending on which of the above versions that you subscribe to you will be able to draw using a disto, import pdf files or blue prints.

Ted Schultz

About the Author

Ted Schultz - National Sales Manager

Ted graduated from BYU with a BS in Industrial Education. His experience within the flooring industry ranges from installation to a flooring store owner. Also, Ted has six years in the financial services industry and six years as an owner of a software business specific to real estate appraisal. He understands the needs of business owners and how QFloors can help owners maximize profits.