Mobile Suite

Carry Your Office With You.

This complete software solution now makes it possible to smoothly move through the following steps, without stepping away from the customer’s home:

Measuring and Estimation

Checking stock

Creating a proposal or sales invoice in QFloors

Emailing proposal/sales invoice to your customer

Capturing a signature (via DocuSign™ or your favorite e-signature program)

Swiping or inserting a credit card (at the much lower “card present” rate)

Saving a token for that credit card to safely run the balance later

You can mix and match from the following QFloors Mobile Suite™ products:

  • MeasureSquare™
    • Laser measurer (sold separately)
    • MeasureSquare Cloud™
  • QCloud™
  • QFloors™ or QPro POS+™
  • Internet Hotspot
  • QReporter™
  • DocuSign™ or other e-signature programs (sold separately)
  • Heartland™ (Mobile Credit Card Processor)