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The Benefits of QFloors Users Conferences

April 2016
  • Why should I attend this training conference, if I can just call QFloors Support for help any time?
  • How is this Users Conference different than the Intermediate Training I already attended?
  • Can I just watch your training videos instead?
  • I attended a Users Conference several years ago. Is this just a repeat?

These are valid questions, posed by customers. I’d like to answer them.

Here are 5 important reasons you should seriously consider attending our

QFloors Park City Summit, September 13-16.

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Reason #1:

The training offered during this conference is very unique. Sure, we may repeat important concepts like “You should be doing monthly financial statements.” But the classes will be quite different from those offered online or during our Intermediate Trainings. While the training schedule is not yet set in stone, here are a few of the topics we have penciled in:

  1. How Do You Stack Up? You vs. Industry Averages --Trent Ogden will provide industry averages for small, large, and mid-size flooring operations. He’ll teach you what to look at to evaluate how your business compares, and give suggestions for moving forward.
  2. Are You Getting the Bang for Your Online Marketing Buck? Licia Bailey will provide impartial suggestions on what you should know as an owner to ensure a high return on your online marketing investment. We’ll show you how QFloors can help track your success. Ron or Chad will also briefly demo the new products QLeads and QOrders, and explain how they can be invaluable online tools for your business.
  3. Introducing QPro and getting your feedback
  4. Peer Advice Panel – we hope to have a few successful QFloors dealers share their expertise on how they are using QFloors successfully to manage various aspects of their operations.
  5. New Features, and Little Things that Help in Big Ways — Among other topics, included in this presentation will be a discussion of QFloors’ new EMV credit card processing security.
  6. Important Monthly Bookkeeping Procedures

*Please note that the courses listed are still subject to change slightly.

Reason #2:

Know What You Don’t Know. The Park City Summit can help you become aware of what you don’t know. For instance, perhaps you missed the update on a new feature, or were not aware of a time-saving shortcut, or didn’t know QFloors could produce a certain report. These Users Conference classes help you realize what is possible. And even if you don’t grasp everything during the conference, you recognize things you want to learn more about, and can schedule personalized training with our Support department after the fact.

Reason #3:

One-on-One Consults – You will have the opportunity during the conference to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with a member of QFloors management. You’ll have their undivided attention, as you discuss any particular questions or concerns you might have.

Reason #4:

Did We Mention QPro? Just as a reminder, you’ll get a temporary login code for QPro and will be able to play around with our newest cloud software. Then you can give feedback at the end of the week. QFloors Development will carefully review and weigh all feedback as they continue to move forward on future versions of QPro.

Reason #5:

Great People, Great Atmosphere. Networking opportunities like our “Speed Networking Lunch”, and conference panels and discussions are invaluable. Past conference attendees always mention how beneficial it is to share ideas with other QFloors users from throughout the US and Canada. Last but not least, Park City is quite lovely in the fall, and a much better backdrop for focused learning than locking yourself in your office while the phone rings off the hook.


Conference Details

Dates: The conference will run from approximately 6 pm Tuesday, September 13, until approximately 1 pm, Friday, September 15, with optional recreational activities (details to come) Friday afternoon.

Location: The Park City Marriott is conveniently located a mile away from the primary tourist areas of historic Main Street, and is surrounded by restaurants, clubs, walking paths, and more. Park City is about 35 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport.

Conference cost includes 3 nights lodging, all meeting costs, and some meals (2 dinners, 1 lunch, beverages and snacks). Internet and parking are included with your lodging. Room upgrades are available. Cost does NOT include airfare or transportation to/from the hotel. We are happy to provide you with links to shuttle service (around $37 per way) or car rental options (range in the $30’s-40’s per day).

Please note there is a non-refundable $100 per person down payment required with your registration.

Did You Know? WFCA offers scholarships (up to $500) to its members to offset training costs. If you are a member of WFCA, contact Charlene for more information.

What if I’m a beginner? Everyone is welcome. However, training classes at the Users Conference generally assume you have a fairly decent working knowledge of the software. So our hope would be that if you are just starting out, you spend the months between now and September taking advantage of our free Basic Training classes, webinars, online training, etc. to get familiar with the software, so that you can have a better frame of reference.