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QFloors Office Mobile Suite Called a “Game Changer”

April 2018

Perhaps you’ve already seen the video above about QFloors Mobile Office Suite, a powerful collection of products which allow you to access your office remotely with greater ease and synergy than ever before!

This complete suite of tools now makes it possible to smoothly move through the following steps, without stepping away from the customer’s home or jobsite:

  • Measuring and estimation
  • Checking stock
  • Creating a proposal or sales invoice in QFloors
  • Emailing proposal/sales invoice to your customer
  • Capturing a signature (via DocuSign or your favorite e-signature program)
  • Swiping or inserting a credit card (at the much lower “card present” rate)
  • Saving a token for that credit card to safely run the balance later

A Customer Shares Feedback

A few months ago, I spent some time talking with QFloors customer Kyle Baxter, who is currently using all of the Mobile Office Suite tools in his retail operation. He called it game changing, and said, “Mobile Office Suite has helped us gain an indisputable edge over our competition. Customers notice the high-tech tools we are using, and as a result, it’s been an instant boost to our professionalism and credibility.”

He referenced a recent commercial job they won. “There were four of us bidding. Everyone went out to measure the job, and two had tape measures, and one guy was just stepping it off. Then we came in with our Disto laser and iPads, and the customer commented on our professionalism. There’s just an undeniable difference between pen and paper and an iPad and laser.“  Potential customers are typically impressed when sales reps can show them a 3D rendering of their home or project, along with where the seams will be, waste factors, etc. The iPad makes it easier to explain, and people never question the amounts generated. They trust the technology. Kyle feels that utilizing MeasureSquare and the related tools “has reduced human error, increased closing rates, and is just a lot more efficient and reliable.”

Another benefit unique to Mobile Office Suite is the mobile internet hotspot. Kyle states that it has completely cut out awkward wait times. In the past, even with iPads, sales reps would be trying to connect to the store with their phone’s hot spot, and it would occasionally take a long time and be a bit tempermental, not to mention being a huge drain on the phone’s battery.  Now, Kyle says the process is a piece of cake. “We plug in the hotspot whenever we come back into the store, so it’s always fully charged and ready to go. The sales reps take it with them when they go to a home or jobsite, and they just turn it on before walking through the door, so they are already connected when they are ready to use it. It’s just a lot more synergistic and makes it easier to smoothly move through the different steps.”

Kyle also mentioned that now using tokens for the credit card processing has had an impressive positive impact. “We save money on the lower “card present” rates, of course, which is nice. But we also have seen our receivables go way down. The credit card processor captures the token when we get the down payment. Then, the day of the install, we automatically charge the token for the balance. It’s quick and easy, and has saved us a lot of time and hassle.”  Receivables have just plummeted. Kyle noted they’ve  also noticed a sharp decrease in the number of complaints and requests for discounts. It appears that when people realize it’s already a done deal, they don’t come up with quite as many reasons they shouldn’t have to pay the balance.

There appears to be a greater trust factor associated with the mobile credit card processors as well.  Before, a sales rep would be painstakingly typing in the customer’s cc information or calling it into the store. Having an actual credit card machine, that looks and works in a manner familiar to everyone, seems to better communicate legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Kyle said that another great benefit is that “utilizing Mobile Office Suite results in a lot greater control over the moving parts of your business.” The entire measure-to-final-payment process is simplified and more synergistic. It also delivers greater documentation of each step in the process, so you can actually see what is happening away from the store, rather than just hearing it secondhand. Human error has also markedly decreased.

But, like anything new, it has required adaptation as employees learned how to use the different tools. Kyle remarked, “People often resist change, and our employees are no different. At first many of them were afraid of trusting something new. But now we have sales reps who are young and old, computer savvy or not, all using the Office Suite tools. It took a little bit of training, but now they really like it, and everyone realizes how much better things go with Mobile Office Suite.”

To learn more about QFloors Mobile Office Suite, contact our sales team at 801-563-0140, option 4, or