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Floor Covering Software | I never knew how much money I wasn't making

January 2014

That’s what one QFloors customer said when asked about the difference QFloors flooring software had made to his floor-covering business. It’s a sentiment we hear quite often from flooring dealers who use QFloors business management software.

The past few years have been hard on the flooring industry. There’s just not much cushion for error these days. But QFloors business management software gives you the tools you need to succeed and thrive. For starters:

  • You can function on significantly less overhead. Which means substantial money saved. Contact us and we’d love to show you exactly where and how.
  • You can respond quickly to what’s happening with your flooring business and adjust appropriately. What’s working, and what isn’t working? How much did you profit? What does your markup need to be to ensure those profits? Did your extra advertising bring in extra business?
  • You can take your discounts, every time. It’s easy, with the efficiency and organization our user-friendly computer program brings to busy carpet stores.
  • QFloors protects you from theft or errors. The computer system red flags you anytime there is a discrepancy. So no more billing errors, double orders, lost payments, or other costly mistakes.
  • You no longer have to operate on ‘my-best-guess’, or on outdated or inaccurate information. The real-time reports QFloors flooring software automatically generates means you can easily, accurately, and instantaneously pinpoint exactly what is happening in your business, and then react promptly. That alone is a powerful determiner of success, and survival.

Enjoy greater profitability and increased productivity with QFloors flooring software.

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