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Hola Value! Don't Miss the QFloors Mexico Event

February 2014

Here's a confession. We have NEVER been as excited for an event as we are for the QFloors Users Conference Version 2014. Imagine a child waiting for Christmas a superfan whose team made it to the NBA finals. a teenage girl waiting for the newest Twilight movie. If it were a concert, we'd camp out all night, simply to be at the front of the ticket line. .

Why this excitement, you ask? In truth, it's probably somewhat in part because, as we scrape the ice off our windshields each morning, and gear up for yet another snowy commute, the idea of relaxing on a warm sandy beach overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sounds pretty darn appealing. But even more than that, is the fact that we are downright GIDDY about the value of what we have put together for our customers.

Have you ever had a gift for someone, and that gift is so awesome, and so absolutely perfect for them, that you simply cannot wait for them to open it? And you're tempted to rush in, grab the gift from them, rip it open yourself, and then present it to them with a loud "TA DA!!" That's where we're at with this.

There are so many reasons for our excitement. Because NOT ONLY will the event be held at an incredible new resort, right on the beach of the Riviera Maya. And NOT ONLY is it all-inclusive, so everything's covered but your flight and your spending money. And NOT ONLY will it feature helpful, focused QFloors training, both for beginners and advanced. And NOT ONLY will we be able to glean practical wisdom from our keynote speaker, Scott Humphrey, current WFCA President and former Director of the Shaw Flooring Network. And NOT ONLY will the conference include increased idea-sharing opportunities between QFloors users. And NOT ONLY will it also feature ideas and training on how to make sure your website is doing it's job as your #1 lead generator. And NOT ONLY will it also provide an opportunity for you to weigh in on upcoming QFloors development priorities, with our technology roundtable. And NOT ONLY will we also make time for fun and relaxation. In addition to all of that, and a mile-long laundry list of other benefits, every single company that attends will receive a Free Financial Check-Up, valued at $750. Prior to the conference, QFloors CFO Trent Ogden will review your financial statements to ensure they're accurate. Then he'll provide industry averages and benchmarks that you can compare your numbers against. A custom report will be given to each company during the conference. Trent will teach you about important financial ratios and show you how to find these, for your company. Those ratios help give you an idea of how solvent your company is and help you make better decisions on where and how to improve business. You'll leave the conference with not only a better understanding of how to use QFloors, but also invaluable insight into your business and where it stands.

Here another confession. Our users conference does not bring us revenue. Ever. In the history of the QFloors world. So why do it? Because we've seen how valuable it is for our customers. Because it's our gift that we cant wait for you to unwrap. And why don't we charge more, and thus better cover our costs and even get a little extra revenue, just for good measure? It would make sense to, on many levels. But Chad and Trent have specifically said no. They want to charge you just enough to cover the costs, and nothing more. Which means, friends, you are getting a steal of a deal.

All QFloors users should have received an e-mail with more information about this Don't-Miss, Best-Ever, November event. If you didn't, please let us know right away. It's possible a few got waylaid in the black hole of your spam filter or something. But here are the basics:

November 10-13, 2014

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Costs include 5-star accommodations, all food & beverages (alcoholic and otherwise), transportation between hotel and Cancun airport (approximately 1 hr), all trainings and consultations, pre-conference review & adjustment of your business' financial reports, individualized financial check-up of your business, all taxes & gratuities, most on-property entertainment and activities, plus free resort credit to be used for spa, golf, tours, shops, etc. (amount depends upon length of stay.)

Pricing: All pricing based upon double occupancy. Contact us for single occupancy or children's pricing, or if you wish to extend your trip to enjoy the resort a little longer.

  • 3 nights: $845 per person (includes $500 resort credit)
  • 4 nights: $1045 per person (includes $750 resort credit)
  • 5 nghts: $1195 per person (includes $1500 resort credit)

This is an incredible value, on so many levels. It's going to be so beneficial for your company. We'll be hanging out with awesome people. And it's going to be really fun. So take advantage of this gift. Plan to join us.

YOU MUST REGISTER BY 3/31/14! Contact Charlene Holden (x9117) or e-mail for more details.